Our Values

  • We believe in thought leadership and sharing with the world our expertise and knowledge.
  • We strive to be constantly learning and educating ourselves to perform at the height of our abilities.
  • We are committed to innovation. We push to break new ground by taking calculated risks and being on the cutting edge of emerging trends and technology.
  • We are focused on and determined to deliver the best quality products that will have a real impact.
  • We take pride in what we build, the work we do and what we stand for.
  • We are advocates for decentralization and the return of data ownership to individuals.

Meet Our Team

With 10+ years of agile software delivery expertise, we can work together to design, develop, and deploy any blockchain solution.

Northern Block is a team of seasoned software engineers who set quality, reliability and excellent performance above all. We want to help you evolve your company and adopt the right blockchain technologies to solve your problems. We offer full cycle development for public and permissioned blockchain solutions, from product visioning to design, implementation, and integration with your existing systems and data.

  • Mathieu Glaude

    Mathieu Glaude

    CEO, Co-Founder

    Rarely misses a Habs game.

  • Sasha Lutsaievskyi

    Sasha Lutsaievskyi

    COO, Co-Founder

    Passionate world traveller, visiting 35 countries for both work and leisure.

  • Yash Paliwal

    Yash Paliwal

    Product Development

    My favourite book is Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

  • Dylan On

    Dylan On

    Front-End Developer

    I'm passionate about coffee and live performing arts.

  • Tomisin Jenrola

    Tomisin Jenrola

    Smart Contract Developer

    When I'm not writing code for a living, I'm writing poetry about my living.

  • Nakul Raj

    Nakul Raj

    Product Owner

    Larry David is my spirit animal.

  • Arjit Khullar

    Arjit Khullar

    Full Stack Developer

    I love to travel and I'm fond of learning new technologies. Favourite quote: "I have no special talents. I am passionately curious." -A. Einstein

  • Mahmoud Alkhraishi

    Mahmoud Alkhraishi

    Software Developer

    Stand-up comedy junkie.

  • Nilesh Kamani

    Nilesh Kamani

    Tech Lead

    An avid podcast listener seeking higher consciousness.

  • Mihir Trivedi

    Mihir Trivedi

    Software QA Engineer

    Live a life you will remember.

  • Kevin Hadrill

    Kevin Hadrill

    Marketing Manager

    Appreciates art.

  • Peiwen Xu

    Peiwen Xu

    UI/UX Designer

    I love food and art.
    I love small animals.
    I love cycling.
    I love Stanley Kubrick.

  • Jimmy Faye

    Jimmy Faye

    UI/UX Designer

    Epicurean by nature.

  • Samantha Sharkov

    Samantha Sharkov

    Lead Product Owner

    I like hot yoga and meditation.

  • Lucy Yang

    Lucy Yang

    Business Development

    Life adventurer.

  • Moosey


    Chief Executive Mascot

    Decentralizing the Wilderness.

  • You!

We're here to #buidl.

Northern Block Industry Partners

  • Aion
  • Blockchain Ambassador
  • newt
  • NCFA
  • BiTA